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Scott Springman

I must be getting old. My senior year at St. John's, we got (gasp) internet computers in the study lounges and the library. My senior year, we were all given e-mail addresses and most of us had to be taught how to use them in the computer labs. We would have never dreamed of having cell phones in class and we didn't know what laptops were. Times, they are a-changing!

I just saw a running race online that you win by predicting your time before the race - closest to their time wins. They had to outline in the race materials all the things that could be used as timers that would not be allowed at the race...

john r. finnegan sr

It is a wise and sound move to make. Technology has its uses but when it is used for purposes other than classroom learning it must be stopped.


And how would you feel about my using a laptop to cut-and-paste this into my syllabi?


i want to echo V: may i adapt your statement for my syllabus? it's genuis.


Yes, go for it, both of you!

Peter C. Herman

While I have a similar statement on my syllabus, yours is better, faster, smarter. May I use it?

Barbara Nixon

Your explanation is wonderful. Rather than simply saying "texting is not tolerated," you explain a rationale for it. Thanks!


Good article! I discussed it in my blog post this evening. I couldn't find the Times article that you mentioned, however.

C Young

Great idea! I take classes where the instructor comes in and delivers a memorized monologue while her students are talking, texting, sleeping, and working on tests using peer support. It's horrible how corrupt the situation is. I notified the brand new boss of this instructor and he was horrified that this activity had been going on for several years, apparently. Let's take back the classroom and enforce classroom rules and bring mutual respect back to the classroom

Neil Linger

He may be referring to an article published March 25, 2007 from the New York Times entitled "Slow Down, Brave Multitasker, and Don't Read This in Traffic. The article refers to a report by Jonathan B. Spira "The Cost of Not Paying Attention: How Interruptions Impact Knowledge Worker Productivity" sold here
http://bsx.stores.yahoo.net/testpage.html Mr. Spira also has an article on the study: Spira, Jonathan. "From knowledge to distraction." KMWorld 16.3 (March 2007): 1(2).

Melodye Willie

I am the coordinator of Louisiana College's Master of Arts in Teaching program. May I reference this post in our handbook?
This is wonderful!


Dear Melodye,

You are more than welcome to use this post. Glad it's helpful!

Kristie M.

I would like to use this also. May I have permission?

Kristie M.

I just realized that I neglected to include where I would like to use your policy. I'm a community college instructor, and I'd like to use it on my syllabus.


Mitchell Trichon

May I have your permission to use this in my syllabi. Texting, emailing, and web surfing, etc. has become a huge distraction in my classes. I think the rationale might get through to some of the students. Thanks.


who is the author?


I, too, would like to use this in my syllabi. May I have permission?

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