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Joshie Juice

Yah: I'm ambivalent about this too.

Right now I've resolved the problem by only assigning my work here and there to undergraduates.

So far I cannot bring myself to assign my own work for grad seminars. Sometimes I will upload something to blackboard and tell 'em that it's there, my lecture is based on it, etc., but it's "optional."

And sometimes my lecture literally IS an essay I wrote, so I don't assign it because there'd be no point in lecturing about it.

But yeah: weird. I do know that while assigning one's own articles may feel a little icky, assigning one's book is uber-icky. I cannot imagine doing that.

Now: I reckon your work will be assigned and circulated for your impending talk. Certinaly that's ok, cause you're here in your capacity as a "rock star." Fans need to lern yer songs ;-)


Yeah, Joshie, book is a whole other thing entirely. One of our former grad students apparently has assigned my book to his students, which is cool. But my initial response was, "Oh god, don't make them buy it!" 'Course, now I might actually see royalties -- like, enough to buy lunch at McDonald's or something.

Re: my visit, I can't wait to be your guest star. But I strongly advise you against encouraging me to sing. Unless you're going to supply earplugs.


be sure to take your star guitar!


Dear readers, dhawhee would be referring to this truly awesome item, which is currently hanging on the coat rack in my office: http://caraf.blogs.com/caraf/2006/11/sundays_are_nic.html

Belle The Wonder Dog

Perhaps CST's own Prof Austin would chime in here (if he's not dead from walking three flights of stairs in Aquinas Hall - while smoking about the 40th cigarette of the day). All the Logic classes had to use his textbook.

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