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Great advice! Truly, a metaphor for "Life".


Your mom's right! Great advice - I would recommend it for undergrads as well.


As one of the students who was in your seminar that semester, who ate the burritos and drank the beer and presented her somewhat awkward paper that night, your advice that night really stuck with me. THANKS!


That's good advice for any writer, Cara. And the metaphor can be extended, I think. When we were young pups, we *could* pull off those sprints. Maybe not very well, but we did it, and we recovered. Over time, the writer/runner finds that she just can't do that anymore. The psychological/physiological stress just becomes too much. You don't see many old sprinters, but there are plenty of geezers out there on the marathon course who can still run circles around me.


Yep, and you and I will be two of those geezers, won't we? And happily so. Incidentally, I did my two-hour training run yesterday (Friday). The lungs and muscles feel good, which is encouraging, but the joints are predictably cranky. So today I admit I'm feeling pretty geezer-ish myself.


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