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I think being an associate professor is like becoming a middle sister, you know, where we're supposed to take hand-me-downs and our turn doing dishes more often and with grace.


Oh, actually, the better analogy (though it's hardly an analogy because it's mostly the case) is that associate profs are middle managers. They don't call workers at Wal Mart and Target "associates" for nothing!


Re: the middle sister thing: I am not sure I will be very good at that. You can ask both of my older sisters, and they will tell you with absolute certainty that I am very good at being the BABY SISTER. In every way.

Joshie Juice

I thought associate professors got to be the middle finger: "you can't fire me now, muthafukkas!!!" and then you can start publishing autoethnographic studies of your secret, necrophilic habits.

More seriously, though, I think you are right about the lack of mentoring associates. In our field, especially, this "class" or species of being is in super-heavy turnover . . . there seems to be a glut of assisants and a larger, new arrival at the level of full . . . but the inbetween is thinner . . . . maybe that's why there are less mentors in the associate ranks? There are just fewer associates period?

I dunno. Just blabbering after a long, raining day in traffic.


JJ: I think that depends on where you look. Some places are middle heavy.

Bummer about the rain.


The body metaphors are great, aren't they? For years our dept. was described as "bottom-heavy" because at one point we were well over 50% assistants, and very few fulls. Now that a few more folks have gotten tenure, we are more middle heavy. But doesn't carrying your weight in the middle make you more prone to heart attacks? That's what the doctor-people say anyway...


Depends on subfield,too. In the little corner that is performance studies, there is a a fairly large vacancy sign at the full level and bunches of excellent associates. For those of us trying for tenure in the near future who work at institutions that like for full prof's to write dossier reviews, this poses no small concern...also makes the few fulls incredibly overworked in the summers when dossier's get sent out.


When I was seeking at letter from my prospective host country to apply for my Fulbright grant, the department head, in his best English, referred to me as Ass. Prof. That sums it up.
So, I just saw Flags of our Fathers this weekend, and I'm dying for your review (sorry if you've treated this already and I missed it).


When My Brother the Dean was an associate dean we always threatened to get him license plates that said "Ass Dean" -- just like the episode of "Seinfeld" where Kramer accidentally gets license plates that read "Ass Man."

As for "Flags," I haven't seen it yet. In addition to the whole Iwo Jima photo thing, I am also very intrigued by the film's color palette. Reviewers have described it as "muted" or "desaturated." From what I've seen in previews and ads, it's very blue/gray but with vivid blue/reds (mostly the lipstick of the women characters -- and of course blood). People either seem to like that choice or really hate it.

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